Who we are – Luzumpunkts?

We are adventure and team-building organization that was founded in 2006 when a group of professional outdoor recreation and team building trainers gathered to realize their great idea – to develop the best outdoor and team-building company in Latvia. Since then, we have organized and lead different kind of projects and events locally and world-wide as well, empowering many main companies in Latvia and Baltics.

We specialize in

team-builing and personal development trainings, adventure and recreation events, photo orienteering and adventure trips.

Our strength

is highly experienced and professional team as well as inspiring people that are brave to realize their life challenges and aims. We have gained our skills and competencies actively participating in NGOs and in training projects across the world, organizing significant projects and getting inspirations from traveling trips. As well we are developing much from things we do.

Our mission

is “Growth Through Adventure”! We believe that everybody can find a time for growth and adventure. Use your time wisely!

Luzumpunkts main team

Maris Lazdins

Team Leader

Impulsive, always ready for new ideas and challenges. Calling myself a dealer – I offer good events and things that often arise positive addiction. My pleasure is to see that people like what they do!

Juris Zigelis

Project Manager

I know how it is to do what you really like – it comes with ease and gives joy that motivates to do more. Therefore I’m here at the right place and time!

Inga Ludzeniece

Project Manager

Ingestion, responsibility, initiative and dedication in my life plays a big role and continues to inspire today. I like to help ideas and make them happen, and I do it well!

Lauma Zubule

Training Manager

A good friend said that it is beautiful to experience your dream. That is how my dynamic daily life goes – being together with inspiring people, thinking creatively, as well as giving energy to others!

Maris Resnis

Training Manager

Focus strength to energy and development! Ready for challenge – visit other banks, create new projects with strong people, meet and find ways of collaborating with others.

Baiba Skrule

Junior Project Manager

Childhood dance teacher taught that the bar must be raised higher than you can jump. Following this principle I’m living even now. I turn dreams into goals then they come true. Also, those supposedly impossible.

Growth through adventure!

Team-building and trainings

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Team-building is our main focus field, therefore we offer events with a sense of adventure to make every activity worthwhile for a team. Every single team need its own individual approach and that is the way how we work.


Successful collaboration within team can be reached through different activities that we offer and methods that we use. But beforehand you should figure out the idea and concept of whole event that suites your team’s desires the most – check it out below!

CONTACT US to get more information:

ACTIVITY. Sometimes all genius is very simple. Your team needs an activity to gain common experience, emotions, satisfaction, relationship, as well as to take a break from daily work routine. That is the first and simplest step to make towards unite team.


ACTIVITY + FLASHBACK. Learning by doing is one of the greatest methods that we use. When something is done together, it is worth to look back and spot the learning points that could help and teach your team something new and previously unnoticed.


TEAM-BUILDING. These two loud words stand for hard job. Either spotting a problem in your team-work or willingness towards perfectionism of it – in both cases you will need a professional trainer that will work and coach your team to improve your inner mechanism.


DREAM EVENT. Sometimes you want to give your team something out-of-the-box that might be impossible possible. We are here and now to make your dream event come true by combining and connecting all our experience and resources that we have.

When it is done – look what we have in “garage” to make event happen. We offer so many activities that will cover each team desires – team building tasks, low and high rope courses, photo orienteering, adventure hikes with tasks, boat routes, expeditions, workshops, outdoor cooking classes, bicycle trails, mobile competition game outside and many more.


Please, get in touch with us to learn more and make your team better!

Our Clients

Kayaking in Riga

Water sightseeing adventure right in the city center! Get an insight of Riga from a completely different point of view. Explore Riga while kayaking through its historical channel, cross the widest river of Latvia and discover non- touristic nature spots within urban area or wait until the sun goes down and Riga city channel twinkles from the romantic lights and emotions. Feel the adventure!


We sometimes organize open guided trips to different rivers in Latvia – you can find information about those on our Facebook page. Information there is only in Latvian but look for events and do not hesitate to ask for translation in comment or private message!

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Boat rental in Riga city
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Backcountry skiing

Explore Latvian forests, meadows and bogs while skiing with Lūzumpunkts back-country skiis!





Backcountry ski rental
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