Idea Port Riga atsauksme par komandas veidošanas programmu

Programmas veids: komandveidošanas piedzīvojumu programma IDEA PORT RIGA kolektīvam

Dalībieku skaits: 30

Norises vieta, laiks: viesu nams “Turbas”, 2011. gada septembris

“In September 2011, we had a great opportunity to take part in an adventurous team-building event that comprised not only active involvement and sport exercises but also usage of cumulative knowledge and gain of new experience. With the help of Luzumpunkts group we took a chance to participate in various activities, the focus of which was put on teamwork, cooperation and strengthening relationship between the colleagues.


Quoting IPR employees, the event was “awesome”. The idea to include in the programme activities that are “distanced” from the usual sport activities on the ground, such as raft building and ropes-stages, gave one great pleasure. It is worth mentioning that organizers of the event adhered to the principle that good results can be reached only if sport is combined with strategy, creativity and, what is the most important, teamwork.


Thank you very much, Luzumpunkts, for your contribution, friendly and entertaining atmosphere and truly unforgettable memories!”

Karīna Borisova


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